Thursday, August 22, 2013 is an awesome website!

Check out

Why is such a great website? Well, for one thing, it's a lot like which has links to all those videos about 'that horrible little man' who holds the call sign, VE7KFM and it has recordings of him that were recorded over public airwaves in the amateur radio spectrum. Why is that such a great thing? Because EVERYONE deserves to know the truth about the hate mongers that make the world an unfriendly place to live.

The British Columbia Law Society didn't allow him to practice law. He was behind a fake anthrax hoax, a shooting hoax, a child slave trade hoax, and lie after lie after lie.... All those stories are at that great top-level website,, the new sister site to -- To sum it all up, and are both great websites, with a lot of great info about amateur radio, and if you're at all interested in amateur radio, you really need to take a look!